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One Last Goodbye || Avery&Spencer 


Today would not be an easy day for Avery. With all due respect, she was excited to more forward in her life and attend Brown University, but leaving the ones the loved proved harder then she thought. Amungst the list of the ones she would leave behind was Spencer, and Avery knew saying goodbye to him would be one of the hardest goodbyes she would have to say today. She was so used to having the curly haired boy around, and now that she would be moving hours away from him, it would be hard to get used to. It was comforting to know that Spencer was only a few minutes away by car or foot, but now she would be hours away from him, and Avery knew that would be tough for the both of them. Since her mother had taken the car, Avery was forced to walk to Spencer’s in none other than her pajamas and a pair of fairly comfy and fuzzy slippers, as she was too lazy to change. Not to mention, Spencer would not let her. Upon arriving, she knocked twice on his large, wooden door, hoping he was the one to answer, not anyone else, as she did not want to embarrass herself in front of his parents in this kind of attire.

To think that if months ago, a girl named Avery Huntington was to leave for college, Spencer Laine wouldn’t give as much as a single fuck to her. But now, flash forward to only five or six months, the girl meant the world to him. It made him smile how she stole his heart and walked through his walls in a short matter of time. It showed how incredible she was, and an incredible girl like her deserved only the best university. The curly haired boy was willing to sacrifice his own happiness just to see her get the best, even if it meant a short goodbye. But then again, where was the ‘good’ in goodbyes? Hearing a knock on the front door, Spencer quickly grabbed his necessities and dashed downstairs to beat his parents at answering the door. As promised, he was in his favorite onesies, looking very much like a child. He opened the door and greeted Avery with a warm hug and a smile on his face, hiding the sadness he truly felt inside.

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spavery sunday | spencer&avery 

After knocking on the Huntington-Ramsey front door twice, Spencer took a step back and made himself presentable for Avery’s mother,  Lauren. Or rather, he tried to make himself look as innocent as possible, trying to hide his true motives for coming over. He had to make it believable, and thought whether bringing Lauren flowers was being too obvious.

As the door swung open, revealing just who he was expecting to answer, the fake smile on Spencer’s face grew as he greeted the older woman. “Hi, Mrs. Ramsey! Is Avery home?” he asked, trying to be as charming as possible. “Oh, and they were having a sale at the park, I brought these for you.” The curly haired boy handed her the bouquet of white calla lilies as he was let inside. He knew he wasn’t her favorite boy at the moment, but he had to make an effort. Trying to avoid further more awkward tension, he mustered up enough guts to ask, “Should I go upstairs or..?” To his surprise, Lauren gave him permission to. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he did so. Thank god Rachel was only giving him empty threats.

Spencer climbed the stairs with light steps and made his way through the poorly lit corridor and into the brunette’s bedroom. “Avery?” he called out, opening the bedroom door. He peeked inside and saw no signs of the girl. Of course, she was in the shower. Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle at her being such a tease. He made his way inside and looked around for another door that may lead towards the bathroom. He called out for her once more. Hearing the sound of running water, it wasn’t that hard to locate the room. He stood behind the door and smirked, “I have truly died and gone to heaven.”

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I Will Love You Better Now || Spavery 


Curled up on the couch with her quilt surrounding her, Avery sat alone and continued to watch the television, like she had done for the past few days. The brunette chose not to leave the house due to her mood, and things weren’t getting better. The rat situation at the Huntington-Ramsey home wasn’t helping either, and Avery was worried to move about her own home, knowing there was a possibility the rat could show up just about anywhere. With what Liam had said to her, and what Mia had pulled the day before, Avery was feeling down on herself. People that she used to think kind of we’re showing her that was a mistake, making her feel mistreated, and that upset her. Liam’s words were starting to sink in, and no matter what others were telling her, Avery couldn’t help but think about it. Was she really everything he had said? And with the pictures Mia posted, she was starting to believe it even more. What Avery needed the most right now was one person, and that one person was Spencer.

The two had been distant for the past few days, and that too upset Avery. Spencer was her rock in most situations, and without him, she just didn’t feel complete. Distance did make the heart grow fonder, and the girl longed for his company. She was delighted when he agreed to come by, and felt excited and truly happy for the first time in a few days. She knew Spencer was probably disappointed in her actions that took place a few days prior, but knowing he had missed her made Avery feel cared for and loved, and right now, she needed that. No matter what, she would always flock back to the curly haired boy. He was truly one of a kind, and made Avery feel at her best. He wasn’t too harsh on judging her, so she stayed in her attire of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her hair in a messy bun as she sipped at tea she had made a little while ago, waiting for the faithful knock at the door.

Eventful. That one word would seem to sum up the past few days for everyone in Ashwick. From people getting drunk to breakups, and from spreading hate to getting a ferret named Sharon. Not to mention the fact that Spencer told the truth to Liam, and pictures of Spencer’s past rendezvous surfaced because of Mia. Things weren’t just hard on Spencer, but he could imagine Avery’s mood being ten-times worse. The least he could do was cheer up his not-so-girlfriend. Because that’s what no-so-boyfriends do.

Sitting up and closing his laptop, Spencer rummaged through his dresser to find a decent sweater to casually throw on. Sliding jeans on, he laced his sneakers next and threw on a beanie over his mass of curly hair. He grabbed his keys and placed his wallet on his back pocket. He grabbed his acoustic guitar and planned to surprise Avery with a song, figuring his performance might uplift her mood a little bit. Set and done, Spencer sneaked out of the house and hopped inside his Range Rover, driving off to the Huntington-Ramsey house. 

The drive took a good fifteen minutes and within that time frame, Spencer knocked out three mailboxes because of his lack of control due to his disease. It was a good thing no one saw anything, or else he’d be dead. Pulling over the girl’s driveway, Spencer hopped off and slammed the door shut but without getting his guitar first. Instead of knocking, Spencer stood outside, slid the guitar between on his shoulders, and started playing Half-life by Duncan Sheik, hoping his voice was loud enough for Avery to hear.

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all i want is you.: Bring Me to Life || Lencer 


Liam shifted slightly as he was laying on the white sheathed hospital bed, clutching at the fabric. He tried to flutter his eyes open, but it felt as if his eyes were glued shut. With much effort, he manage to tear them away from each other as he opened his eyes, squinting as the white-light made…

Today marked Spencer’s third day stay at the Hospital. Everyday, he grew more and more impatient in waiting for his best friend’s awakening. Hungry, tired, and emotionally drained, it seemed like the curly haired boy’s only escape was sleep. And even then he was sleep deprived due to the uncomfortable hospital chairs that were never meant to be slept upon. So last night, desperate for atleast a decent sleep, he slept beside his best friend on his hospital bed. Not caring whether he broke hospital rules and or safety procedures. For once, he finally slept soundly.

Somewhat prone to sleep talking, Spencer would be the object of someone’s pranks when asleep. He always talked back. Still unconscious and unaware, when a voice called out his name, he answered. “Shut up.. I’m sleeping..” he said, burrying his head on the crook of Liam’s neck. Taking a few minutes to rationalize himself and wake out of his slumber, he snapped back into his conscience and his eyes flew open. He shot up right away and stared at his best friend who was now awake from his coma. “L-Liam?” he asked, still dumbfounded. Was this a dream? He wasn’t so sure, but he sure as hell wanted it to be reality.

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how to save a life | lencer 

Racing hearts, uneven breaths, and fists clenched tight. The hospital air made the boy sick to his stomach. Spencer, unable to sit still, paced back and forth the hospital waiting room, awaiting the presence of the Doctor for any news on his friend’s fragile state. The hardest part was the wait, it was always the wait. It was the time where one could could only wish for the best, but prepared themselves for the worst. Hours had past since Liam was brought in but still no news. He had seen three people receive bad news already, and he never wanted to be the fourth.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon, the sky was cloudy but the sun was shining high and bright. But despite the wonderful atmosphere, Spencer couldn’t shake the feeling of worry. Thoughts of Liam had been unconsciously slipping nonstop into his mind. He was more than concerned with his friend’s depressive state of mind. So with that, he finally faced his worries and paid Liam a visit.

Sitting down on the uncomfortable hospital chair, Spencer balled his fists together and closed his eyes shut, praying to anyone who might answer his desperate calls, just like when his friend’s next door neighbor did. He mentally recalled what had happened almost three hours ago, remembering everything in vivid detail.

Walking for a good thirty minutes before he reached his friend’s apartment, it came as no surprise when the curly haired boy arrived to Liam’s car on the driveway. He rang the doorbell three times and grew more and more impatient with waiting as the minutes passed by. “Come on, Liam..” he whispered to the air, looking up to his friend’s exposed window. He pulled a set of keys out of his pocket, Liam had been so kind in giving him spare keys, and unlocked the door to make his way in without a sound, eager not to get caught breaking in. He climbed up the stairs and searched for Liam’s room number. When he did managed to find it, Spencer’s anxiety grew even more, he took a deep breath to drown out the feeling aside. He knocked on the door a two times and waited once again for an answer, a sign of anyone’s presence. But like earlier, he was ignored. “Guess I’ll just let myself in.” He unlocked the door and turned the knob, and like in the movies, everything seemed to happen all so slowly.

An old man came in and Spencer immediately jerked his head to his direction, sighing when he realized he wasn’t what he was expecting. The old man sat next to the boy, sensing that he clearly needed consoling. “What brings you here, boy?” the man asked, referring to Spencer. “It’s none of your business.” he replied harshly, his voice rough and cracking. He reminded him of his own grandfather. “Is it a family member?” he continued to ask, ignoring Spencer’s attempt to make him leave him alone. “No.” he answered again, retreating back to his praying position. “Is it someone you love?” Spencer took a while to answer, his heart shattering into a billion pieces. “Yes.”

Pushing the door open, what Spencer came to see was not something he had been expecting. Instead of seeing his friend drinking his weight in alcohol or sleeping around with boys and girls, Spencer came to find his friend lying on the floor. At first he thought Liam was asleep, that he might have passed out due to exhaustion or being wasted. But once he caught sight of drugs, drugs everywhere, it hit Spencer like a cold wave. “Liam?” He dashed madly to where his friend was lying, and various drugs were near him. “No, no, no..” he muttered over and over, turning him over and checking his pulse. Flashes of his drug encounter with Jason came back to his mind, but this time it wasn’t Jason, and Liam wasn’t getting up. Times like these was when Spencer shut down and panicked. Liam was cool to the touch, but once Spencer’s fingertips felt a pulse, it gave him slight hope. He cradles Liam in his arms, tears now streaming down his face. He needed help. “Somebody help me!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, hoping someone was home to help them both. He didn’t care right now that both of them could be sent to juvie because of the drugs, no, saving his friend’s life was more important right now. It was a matter of life and death. “HELP!” he shouted once more, “Somebody help us!” he looked down on the boy in his arms and the thought of loosing him became unbearable. “Please..” He muttered, placing his forehead on Liam’s. This time he was answered by a neighbor.

"What happened?" he heard the man ask, "Overdose." he simply replied.

The next thing Spencer came to remember, medical people came into the room tearing Liam away from him and placing his body on a stretcher. His eyes were red from the tears he shed and he stood up to see where they were taking his friend. Police were also on the scene because of the drugs their neighbor reported. Spencer made his way out of the crowd to follow the stretcher but the police stopped him, wanting to interrogate him on the scene. “Can we do this at the hospital, please?” he pleaded, gazing to see his friend, “I need to be with my friend. I need to see if he’s okay. Please.” His constant begging gave him the police’s empathy and let him ride on the ambulance along with Liam. He grabbed on to Liam’s hand the whole ride. “You fucking promised..” he whispered onto his hand, wiping away his own tears. Once they reached the hospital, it was inevitable that he let go.

Spencer felt hands rubbing his back and he felt a slight bit of relief. He called his friends and family just a while ago, informing them of what happened, and now he was waiting on someone who understood the position he was in right now. Where was he to go once it was time to say goodbye to him? Liam was so much more to SPencer than just a friend. When a man in a doctor’s robe came in, the curly haired boy stood up immediately after hearing his friend’s name. “Is he alive?” was Spencer’s first question. He braced himself for the answer that could either make or break him. Time felt frozen and he felt like he could hear the clock ticking. It seemed like he was being faced with either a devil or an angel to give him the news, the nervous anticipation killing him. “Yes.” Tears of joy were threatening to escape the corners of his eye and his face lit up with extreme happiness. The old man that came beside him overheard and Spencer couldn’t help the urge but to lock the stranger in an embrace. He turned to the doctor again to hear more. “But Mr. Scott is in a coma right now, we cannot determine for how long and we’ll have to wait for him to wake until we can do more tests.” Coma. Liam is in a coma. His best friend, his other half is in a coma. “Will he live through it?” he dared to ask, rubbing his eyes. “His vital signs are good, for now we just have to wait.” Wait. Another round of waiting for who knows how long. Days, weeks, months even. “Can I see him?” The doctor nodded and Spencer was led to a private room where Liam was held in. The white walls reminding him of his grandfather’s own and it brought back memories of a scared young Spencer. He approached Liam’s bed and the doctor left the two alone for privacy. Looking down on the pale faced boy in a patient’s robe, various tubes connected to his body, Spencer broke even more. Never in a million years did he hope to see Liam in such state. He would much rather trade positions. He took a seat beside the bed and held on to Liam’s hand. “I’m sorry, BooBear..” he said, looking at him with tears on his eyes. “Please don’t leave me..”

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Opposites are Identical | Spencer&Kyle 


Kyle opened his eyes as he felt the blistering sun rays shine down, almost blinding him. He squeezed his eyes together, groaned, and pulled his covers over his head. He had been home for literally a day, and Avery was right, it was boring. Kyle didn’t know what he was going to do while waiting for Rachel to text him and ask him to come over, so Kyle just lay there, and looked over at the ashtray on his end table. He sighed, knowing he was going to have to throw it away sooner or later. He got up, picking up his ashtray and his lighters and walking to the kitchen. He tossed them into the trashcan and then walked back to the living room, hearing the shower head running with water, Kyle figured Avery was in the shower just like she told Spencer.

A few moments later, Kyle heard someone knocking on the door, and he groaned, not wanting to get up. He then sighed and got up, going to the door, opening it and seeing a familiar curly haired boy, “Uh, hi.” Kyle said, greeting Spencer.

Spencer had been getting ready to meet with Avery. It was Sunday, their day. No matter what happened between them, the fights, the cold treatment, the two would still want to spend the special day for them together. He got up lazily and put his laptop away. Avery had been sending a lot of confusing signals lately, and he was just giving sexual comments nonstop. It didn’t even bother him that Avery’s brother could see it. He actually liked the fact that it bothered Kyle.

Grabbing a backpack and shoving a bunch of his clothes inside along with his other necessities, Spencer was ready to go. Hey, if Avery really was sending an invitation, why not accept? Either that or he’ll just stay the night with her. The curly haired boy would enjoy it either way. One last look at the mirror then he’s off, but not before letting his mother know where he was going. For emergency purposes. Reaching the girl’s house in less than fifteen minutes, Spencer knocked twice on the wooden door and waited for the girl to answer. But when the door swung open, instead of a female, Spencer was greeted by a creature he despised. “Kyle.” he greeted in a monotonous voice, then pushing him aside to step inside the house, treating it as if it was his own.

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another heart calls | spavery 

'I'm not letting you get off so easy. - Avery'

Spencer read the carefully written words on the piece of white paper with blue lines over and over again, as if it wasn’t already memorized in his head. Meanwhile, his other hand held the empty velvet ring box that once contained his grandmother’s ring. Avery was the one to set the game this time and Spencer was participating in it against his will. He was already drained of all his emotions, he was tired of feeling. He just wanted it to be over and done with. To forget was the only way he knew how to rid himself of all the hurt. We survive by remembering, but sometimes we survive by forgetting.

Given the time, Spencer knew his parents would kill him if he went out at such an ungodly hour. It was unsafe most especially for a boy with a disorder. Too lazy to change out of his pajamas, he lazily grabbed a sweater to protect himself from the cold night air. He left his phone back in his room and decided to only bring a few dollars with him. He didn’t bother to drive his Audi as he already managed to crash his Range Rover a few days ago. He was a wreck. Spencer left his home in complete silence and proceeded to walk the distance to Avery’s house. The walk gave him time to clear his mind and as he caught sight of the familiar territory, his heart pace quickened. For days he avoided this moment and now here he was, at the unsafest time of the day coming to face his fears. He stood at their doorway before hesitantly ringing the doorbell, hoping he didn’t wake anybody else but the girl he was meeting with.

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Moments || Avery&Spencer 


Avery had only gotten home from Rikki a few hours prior, but she knew this moment was coming. It was time to set the record straight, and it was time to show Spencer that she was really finished. She couldn’t take being hurt like this anymore— it was too much. Getting sick over a boy wasn’t healthy. Hell, their relationship at this very moment was no longer healthy. Her head swirled with questions as she got herself ready, debating on whether or not to even go through with this. He could always reel her back in so easily; just a few kind words and promises he probably wouldn’t keep. It was really all she needed. Avery promised herself not to let him do that again, because this was becoming a routine for the both of them, and she couldn’t take the pain in her heart anymore. Not only did this break her, but this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. With Kyle in the hospital and the wedding just a few days away, Avery was swamped. She didn’t need the extra stress, especially if it could be avoided. So, as soon as Avery chose the beach, she brunette left and made her way there. 

It was gloomy that day, though that wasn’t a surprise. The past few days had been like that, and the girl should have probably taken that as a hint as to where her relationship would be leading her. But, she didn’t know. She didn’t even see this coming, and that scared her. She wasn’t disgusted by the fact that he had chosen to cheat on her with another male; that was just insensitive. If Spencer had feelings for another boy, who cares? Love is love. And who was Avery to get in the middle of that? This wasn’t just about herself, this was about him too. No matter how many times Spencer could hurt her, she’d still want him happy. So, if Liam made him happy, why stand in their way?

Her thoughts came to a halt once she saw the familiar scenery of the beach. It was deserted to her surprise, though it did look like it was going to rain. She had beat Spencer there, and she was glad, so the brunette slipped off her shoes and made her way onto the sand. Walking down to the shoreline, Avery sat on the dry sand, letting the waves crash upon her feet. So many times she had taken the curly haired boy here, and this time would be no different. Along with her father’s memories, she had made great ones here with Spencer. Bad ones too, but those could easily be overlooked by the amazing times she shared with the green eyed boy. She overlooked everything when it came to him. Seeing as this was where things truly started, it seemed almost right to end them here. So she said and waited, trying to slow down her nervous heartbeat. 

You can’t hide the truth forever, Spencer thought to himself as he sat at the edge of his bed. He took a moment to slow down his heart rate which was at an unusual fast pace. His breathing was shallow and the boy was slightly trembling; the usual signs that he was being a nervous wreck. He knew exactly what would they be talking about. This moment was bound to happen sooner or later. His only wish was that it happened later.

Glancing at his wrist watch, the boy was startled that almost fifteen minutes have past. Time flew by so quickly when he was lost in thought. He got up, grabbed a red hoodie from the dresser and casually put it on over his Ramones shirt. He grabbed his phone and his wallet along with his keys then proceeded to make haste downstairs. “Today’s a gloomy day.” he heard his mother by the window comment on the weather. He stood by the door looking up at the sky, astounded at how the weather matched the aura of what’s yet to come. “It is.” he replied, letting out a sigh as he strolled down to the garage to fetch his car. Once inside, he started the ignition then headed on straight towards their meeting place.

The beach had witnessed a lot of important events in the couple’s rocky life. Needless to say, Spencer grew fond of the quiet place as Avery was. He threaded the path towards the part where they always meet, ignoring the sand that was getting inside his shoes. Spotting her a few feet away, Spencer stopped and took a deep breath. His symptoms were coming back again and he stood there frozen and breathless. He dragged his feet towards the girl by the shore with only one thought in his mind: What if this was the end?

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lencer | liam&spencer 

Now that his best friend is back in town, Spencer couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved. He was feeling left out with their group but he was wishing all those feelings would fade with Liam’s arrival. Dressing in his usual attire of a white t-shirt and jeans, the curly haired boy slipped into his white Converse sneakers then grabbed his belongings on the go. It was past midnight so he snuck out of their house, careful not to get caught. He made his way to the garage and hopped inside his Audi starting it and cringing at the sound of the not-so-quiet engine starting up. After that, he was set on to drive to where Liam’s apartment was located. He was familiar enough with their small town to know just about every street there was. Though the boy did stop midway to grab a few beers just in case his friend didn’t stay true to his word. Pulling over just in front of the apartment complex, Spencer parked his car in the driveway then stepped off with his package in hand, making sure to check if his car was locked. At the front door, he checked the names on the doorbells and rang the one labeled with his friend’s name. He took his phone out of his back pocket to send a text to Liam just to make sure.

You sober enough to open the door?

He waited outside in the freezing cold, getting more and more impatient by the second.

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Sunday Cuddling || Avery&Spencer 


Another Sunday was here again, and that only meant one thing: Spencer. A tradition that started a few months prior was still in full swing as the weeks dragged on. It came to the point where Avery was looking forward to Sunday’s more and more, just to see what they would have to offer her. With planning her mother’s wedding, and having to plan her own soon, Avery just wanted to relax, and with Spencer, she could. Not really caring too much about her how she looked this particular Sunday, Avery threw on a pair of denim shorts and a band t-shirt. Leaving her hair in a messy bun, the brunette quickly cleaned the living room of wedding plans and scattered papers. Stepping away made the girl worried, but she needed to. She needed a clear head, and if she didn’t walk away now, she’d make excuses on why she couldn’t later. Leaving a note for her mother, Avery stepped out of the empty house and made her way to Spencer’s. 

Choosing to walk, Avery smiled softly to herself. It was a beautiful day, and she was glad that summer vacation was just around the corner. A lot would be changing, and even though that scared the brunette, she was excited for the future. Moving to Rhode Island, going to Brown, being married, they were things to look forward to. Arriving shortly after, Avery knocked on the door of the Laine residence. She then came face to face with Spencer’s own mother, and Avery gave her best smile. Worried, she quickly explained that she was here to see Spencer, and the women let her go. Thanking her, Avery made her way up to Spencer’s, knocking twice.

For the curly-haired boy, his world revolved around the Sunday’s he spent with his fiancee. As she was getting busier by the second planning her mother’s wedding, he was thankful that she still found the time of the day to continue their Sunday tradition of spending the day together.

There were times when he helped her out that the thought of their own wedding came to the boy’s mind. He didn’t want to pressure her or anything, but they never really set the date on when they would get married. The boy would be lying if he said that he never thought of their marriage as a bad idea, because he did. Sighing as he plopped himself on the bed, Spencer thought of their whole engagement. His parents were okay with it, but he wondered about her side of the family. Her mother didn’t approve of him, so should he really go on with Avery’s suggestion that they elope? It was nuts but it had logic to it. “Cut with the depressing shit, you asshole.” he mumbled to himself, running a hand through his curly locks. Hearing a knock on his door, Spencer didn’t hesitate getting up and answering the door. He knew exactly who it was. “What took you so long?” he asked, wrapping the girl in his arms as soon as he saw her.

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